About Us

Who we are

Created in 2012, Popbirdy was first introduced to its fellow customers by e-commerce. Years later, we started our retail journey by opening 2 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Our team focus on the details and work hard to bring you exclusive collections. #Popbirdygirls, the people who wear our products are dressed as chic, confident elegant. But we don’t want to dress you, we want you to wear what you want to wear.

Popbirdy focuses on the comfort and generosity but retains the feminine, seductive features. That’s why we choose Silk, Linen and Cotton as mainly farbics in our products, soothing and cool materials.

  • Silk fabric:  light, durable and insulated with natural shiny color. Silk clothes are extremely valuable and especially loved on hot, uncomfortable days because of their excellent ability to absorb sweat. One more detail that Silk fabrics never irritate the skin when wearing.
  • Linen fabric: derived from nature so it is firm, safe and sleeker than cotton. Nice and luxurious colors and are able to absorb and also evaporate very quickly, suitable material for hot summer days. Linen has good heat resistance and is less affected by heat than cotton
  • Cotton fabric: the most commonly used material in apparel. Has the ability to absorb moisture, absorb sweat, reduce heat, bring comfort to the wearer. 

With the hope, passion and creativity Popbirdy want to bring the best of you through our products! We will continue to working hard and bring more new collection to you all.